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Bug Hunt rules + AVP additional mods
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Author:  Toxicsnot [ Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Bug Hunt rules + AVP additional mods


im aware there's a project here in place attempting to improve on prodos existing board game.

However ive given the bug hunt rules a try and enjoyed it alot however the rules don't support 3 way alien vs pred vs marines and the rules for preds are very limited so I decided to expand upon the rules set alot and have play tested this twice by myself and wanted to share with you guys for feedback. If you could give it a play test as well and let me know what you yhinj that would be great!

Rules for bug hunt avp version ... 1455997406

Additional rules by myself

Nickie's AVP mod

[ setting up the board: I found random tile generation cumbersome and I decided to just set up the board as I see fit with egg caches and doors in strategiccally equal places. I find randomising room tiles more exciting for the game.

[-] Acidic corpses: if 3 aliens die in a single spot, acid ground marker, double movement marines
[-] Aliens slithering movement: may pass each other if small
[-] Aliens spawning: 1) 1d3 facehugger 2) 1d6 runner 3) 1d6 drones 4) 1d6 drones 1d3 runners, 5) 1d6 warriors 6) 1-3: 1 royalguard, 4: predalien, 5-6: queen
[-] Aliens: huggers 1hp, runners 1hp cc2d6, drones 1hp cc3d6, warriors 2hp cc3d6, royalguard 4hp cc3d6, predalien 3hp cc4d6/8ap, Queen 6hp cc4d6
[-] Aliens: ventilator passage, start of turn on 4+ place 1vent shaft or vent opening of choice (vent 5+ cover)
[-] Ammo: pulse rifle 6, smartgun 10, incinerator 6, plasma caster 8
[-] AVP turn sequence: marines vs preds roll d6 initiative, as per rules, end of each faction's activation, roll for alien activation+spawning, after both factions complete activations, aliens begin activations
[-] Close combat: highest dice, tie in multiple dice cancel out, next highest wins
[-] Firing arcs: 180 degrees, even if partial can be taken with 5+ cover sv
[-] Area effect weapons: Flamer use flamer template, grenade use small blast template,models covered are hit on 4+ no cover save
[-] Grenades 6", launchers 9"
[-] Marines power loader: 3+ save, smart gun and flame thrower, 3ap climb on/ off
[-] Marines: 1 specialist per squad, nominate in secret but reveal if killed, weapons may be picked up from dead comrades
[-] Marines: look for a way out! 2ap, auto if existing joinable, if none success 4+, subsequent vents auto shortest route return to tile
[-] Marines: pulse rifles and flame throwers, 6shots reload 3ap, smart guns no reload. hits preds on 6+

[-] Marines: Set up/packup sentry gun 6ap,

[-] Marines weapons to hit preds: pulse rifle 6+, flame 4+, smartgun 6+tch] Over watch: all models in squad must declare whether to overwatch before action fulfilled
[-] Overwatch and facing: must be declared, is lost once moved or pivoted
[-] Overwatch: Conflicting over watch between factions: whoever rolls lowest has to shoot, if target still survives, then the other squad shoots
[-] Pred disk: 2ap, 9" 4+hit 3d6 if multiple can spread like smartgun (once per turn)
[-] Pred fighting style: 2+ avoid acid blood.
[-] Pred medkit: 6ap 3+ heal 1hp

[-] Pred net: same as grenade. Cc2d6,diff 1-3 immo, 4-5 1hp, equal or less tear net
[-] Pred plasmacaster: 2ap 12" ,2d6,5+hit usmc/aliens,
[-] Pred Stats: Pred 2hp, cc3d6, Elder Pred 3hp, cc4d6, reroll all 1s
[-] Preds: cloaking field, active turn: over watch hits miss on a 4+, non-active turn reduce enemy range by 1/6 , 2ap recloak. lose cloak status once wounded

[-] Preds: laser lock 2AP, +1hit rng attack that turn, rng 18"

[-] pred teleporter: used to capture eggs, flamer template autohit eggs

[-] Reload: 2ap for preds/marines

[-] Scenario: 12 turns, + cumulative sudden death end, aliens: death of all species, predator/marines: 1) x pts egg cache destroy/capture, 2) comms relay: x pts/turn after hold 3 turns
[-] Take cover: free ap, adjacent to crate, 5+ cover save, from rng attack, marines
[-] Tile corridor generation: as per normal rules and.. 6+ egg cache, 6+ Infested tiles: aliens get 5+ cover sv if shoot through or whilst inside (ignored by blast/templates)
[-] Tile room Generation: Aliens Egg cache in room roll: 1-4 nothing, 5-6 Special, egg cache on 5+, (6 eggs/room)
[-] Tile room Generation: Special Room contents: 6: brood chamber, 5: power loader/elder mantle, 4: comms, 3: medical bay(all ap, revive all non-chestbursted unconscious friendlies), 2: equipment (2ap, grenades,incinerators, fix broken cloak) 1: nothing
[-] Turn sequence: marine vs pred roll initiative, then as normal

[-] marine squad (1 sergeant w\ pulserifle 1 flame thrower, 1 smartgun, 3 pulse rifles)

[-] Predator pack (3 preds all with cloakfield med kit plasmacaster disc netgun teleporter)

[-] Capturing\destroying eggs: marines flamer and pred telepprter autohit. Otherwise 6hp 2+ hit with other weapons

Author:  LIIVI [ Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug Hunt rules + AVP additional mods

Wow, these look really interesting! I'll try them out with my gaming group later this week and report back. It's very encouraging to see people experimenting with and modifying the basic rules for the game, keeps things from getting stale.

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